Fanboy News Network Episode 39

Fanboy News Network Episode 39

“What is seen can’t be unseen”

Jeff finally goes to see Batman V Superman to give it an honest review.

The conversation naturally turns to Marverl’s upcoming movies.

Discussion of events that occured when PAX East let a sixteen year old run an inclusivity panel.

Jeff endevors to convince Daniel to watch IZombie.

A discussion of the controversy surrounding DC Editorial.

Jeff talks about his theory of podcast cast size vs how many episodes it can make in a year.

A look at this year’s Hugo nomination announcement.

Fanboy News Network Episode 38

Fanboy News Network Episode 38

“A tale of two conventions”

Jeff and Daniel talk about their adventures at Norwescon and Emerald City Comicon

A discussion about Melissa McCarthy and why the new Ghostbusters is going to be a good companion to the original.

What Jeff and Daniel hope is their last discussion of Batman v Superman.

A talk about the way Warner Bros make films vs how Disney handles it.

Why Jeff has hope for some DC movies but not the entire franchise.

How diversity is being played out in geek films, and how white washing is still a problem.

Touching on being able to like something and still call out it’s problematic aspects.

A quick review of the Supergirl/Flash crossover.

A look at the current state of comic based TV shows.

Daniel gives a spoiler free shout out to the Game of Thrones fans.

A look at what may be coming up with DC Rebirth.

A look at the Wolf 359 live episode.

And Jeff talks about the podcast Children’s Hour of Knowledge.

Fanboy News Network Episode 37

Episode 37

“If I may indulge for a moment”

Jeff and Daniel give a shout out to two fans who reached out and let them know they have listeners.

Daniel makes good on an apology to the cast of Wolf 359

An announcement is made about a new podcast project that Jeff has created with Jillian Ventures.

Daniel explains why he had not started listening to the new season of Wolf 359. Jeff talks about his following behind the scenes information in order to get ideas for his own show.

Jeff talks about a new podcast he found called Limetown.

Jeff talks about his attending Norwescon as a panelist.

Jeff and Daniel talk about why so many conventions are on Easter. Daniel explains how the date of Easter is determined.

Jeff and Daniel talk about gate keeping behavior and why it personally annoys them.

A discussion about the films Ex Machina and Kingsmen.

Discussion of the appearance of Spider-Man in the Captain America: Civil War Trailer.

The renewal of almost all the comic book based TV shows. Also why Supernatural will not die.

Jeff admits to his reading sins, and Daniel reports his latest attempt at Neal Stephenson.

Fanboy News Network Episode 36

Fanboy News Network Episode 36

“The Triumph of Diversity”

Jeff and Daniel discuss dealing with convention attendees whose behavior can endanger a convention.

Jeff tells the tale of Courageous/Necro Con, the mixed Star Trek/Vampire: The Masqurade convention. Includes a brief history of the creation of The Camarilla.

Quick talk about upcoming Pacific Northwest conventions and how they handle issues.

A look at Deadpool and why it worked, and how Hollywood will miss the whole point.

The anticipation of the up coming Marvel and DC movies.

Jeff explains why Iron Fist is problematic, but not due to white washing. (It’s good to be percise about these things)

This leads to discussion of white wash casting.

A comparison of Netfilx Marvel series and the Broadcast TV superhero shows.

All roads lead to a discussion of diversity in Geek Culture.

New books Ghostlight by Marrion Zimmer Bradley and Reamde by Neal Stephenson.

Podcast talk includes the new seasons of Wolf 359 and the Black Tapes Podcast. (including a correction from last time)

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Fanboy News Network Episode 35

Fanboy News Network Episode 35

“Twas the Night Before Deadpool”
Discussing January as the Dump Month for movies.

This leads to talking about Ready Player One.

The plan for seeing (or not) Batman V Superman

Jeff’s anticipation of Deadpool (because the episode was recorded before it was released)

What the future holds for the X-Men movies

What Civil War can mean to the MCU

What other films Jeff and Daniel are looking forward to

Why you should be watching Galavant

An admission to hate watching Gotham

Why Jeff can’t bring him self to watch Lucifer, but American Gods and the new Star Trek Series makes both Jeff and Daniel happy.

Why the message of Star Trek is important

Daniel talks about Ex Machina

DC Rebirth and the question of is it another reboot.

As a Disney Nerd Jeff takes the time to explain where Disneyland is putting the new Star Wars land

Jeff and Daniel talk scripted podcasts, including why they haven’t named the new podcast they are working on, the coming of the new season of Wolf 359, and the new season of The Black Tapes Podcast

Fanboy News Network Episode 34


Fanboy News Network Episode 34

“2015 in Review”

Before starting the 2015 review Jeff and Daniel talk about the recent loss of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

Jeff and Daniel tackle the question which was better: Mad Max: Fury Road or Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

They also discuss the contributions of Margaret Sixel to Fury Road and Marcia Lucas to Star Wars.

Jeff talks about Kathleen Kennedy, her legacy, and why she is the perfect choice to now run Lucasfilm.

The boys talk about the other films they like this year.

Jeff talks about the best horror films. For more, listen to Don’t Read the Latin Ep. 35

The rise of Netflix as a major player in original programming.

Talk about the super hero series and what is going well and what needs to be better.

A look back at the year that was in conventions.

Jeff wants to know why Greg Land still gets work.

Looking at the comics industry and why Marvel is eating DC’s lunch.

Daniel gives a shout out to his favorite podcasts.

Daniel explains why he likes doing the podcast.

Fanboy News Network Episode 33

“Hello From the Past”

So Jeff and Daniel recorded this before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So they talk about their anticipation of the movie.

Dicussion of other upcoming movies including X-Men:Apocalypse, and Star Trek: Beyond,

Talking about white washing in upcoming movies, Including Gods Of Eygpt and the Forest.

Jeff and Daniel talk about their anticipation of He Never Died and their love of its star Henry Rollins.

Jeff talks about the big reveal on Supergirl and how it made his nerd heart soar. (Two Weeks later after the TV reveal, so spoilers abound)

Back to Star Wars and the state of the Expanded Universe.

Talk of the state of the comic industry and the current market share and why this is not the best news for DC.

Jeff and Daniel discuss what they are reading as usual.

Another discussion of Wolf 359 now that Jeff has listened to the whole series.

Fanboy News Network Episode 32

“When Movie Trailers attack”

Jeff and Daniel dissect the new Batman v Superman trailer.
Discussion about their hopes for Star Wars VII
Jeff talks about Jessica Jones and Daniel explains why it is not for him.
Discussion of the current crop of comic related shows and where they are at this point of the season. This includes Agents of SHEILD, Gotham, Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.
Why female led genre shows are not a zero some game.
Jeff’s mad scheme to promote more female superhero toys.
Daniel talks about the Podcast Wolf 359
The regular book update.
the MST3K revival

Fanboy News Network Episode 31

“Your Convention is Problematic”

Jeff and Daniel discuss World Fantasy Con, both its harassment Policy, and the change to its award.

Review: EOS 10

EOS 10 Promo

In my effort to create a scripted podcast, I decided one of the best things I could do is go and find other scripted podcasts to listen to. In this pursuit, I came across EOS 10.

EOS 10 is a podcast created by Justin McLachlan. The title is the name of the space station where the show is set. The premise is that the chief medical officer on the station, Dr Horace Urvidian (Dan Berry) has become an alcoholic. Since Urvidian is a well-known figure in the Alliance (with a children’s book written about him.) his failure would be an embarrassment. To head this off, Dr. Ryan Dalias (McLachlan) is assigned to be his new chief of surgery. Ryan, the son of an admiral with a history with Urvidian, has experience with substance abuse, and convinces Urvidian to go sober.

In addition to the two doctors, the medical staff also includes Nurse Jane Johns (Natalie Cutcher), a snarky extrovert who likely became that way to survive Urvidian. She also pines for Dr. Osolong, a staff member who is mentioned but never appears, and also happens to be gay.

Rounding out the main cast is Levi (Charles Lipper), a deposed alien prince who now works at the station cafeteria. Levi is friendly, but a hypochondriac, hence his constant interaction with the medical staff. Levi is also not above going outside the law if he wants something.

This last trait puts the crew in contact with the recurring character Akmazian (Tim Torre). Akmazian is wanted by the Alliance as a terrorist, and has been hiding out in an unused section of the base. Akmazian claims to have been framed and tries to be helpful when he can, to get the crew, especially Ryan, on his side.

The only other recurring character of note is the Quarter Master (Chris Stinson), a two headed alien who for reasons unknown dislikes Ryan.

As there is no narrator, EOS 10 has to find ways to convey locations and situations while not resorting to the dreaded “as you know” trope. Fortunately, the writing is up to the task. It is helped along by being a clear pastiche of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, at least in set up. This fills in a lot of blanks in the back story.

One thing the show does very well is create a sense of space. This is from small things like background noise. All scenes on the station have a particular background hum. Scenes in the cafeteria have the sounds of people chatting and plates clinking. But there are other sound effects used to tell the story, like having the Quarter Master’s voice alternate between speakers to show which head is currently talking.

The story itself covers a few themes. One is dealing with addiction of course, as shown through Urvidian and Ryan and their straight forward cases, but also in things like Jane dealing with her obsession with a man that will never notice her, and Levi pining for his past life as a royal.

There is also a government conspiracy plot, thanks to interaction with Akmazian that slow burns in season one, and comes to the forefront in season two. The show also tackles other issues, such as the episode Antivaxx which, as the title suggests, deals with the anti-vaccination movement.

On the acting front the show does well, pulling it’s cast from actors working in the Washington D.C. area. They all do fine work, but Dan Berry and Charles Lipper stand out as Urvidian and Levi. McLachlan does a good job as Ryan, but at times he can come off as a bit too relaxed.

If you are looking for a podcast that tells an interesting story without being too heavy, I would suggest checking EOS 10 out. So far, two seasons have been released consisting of eight episodes each.

I give EOS 10 a grade of B. It should entertain Science Fiction fans looking for a podcast, but might leave some people behind.