Fanboy News Network Episode 25

Fanboy News Network Episode 25

“When Conventions implode”

Jeff and Daniel talk about Galacticon IV and how spectacularly it fell apart.

Discussion about The Women in Comics panel at Gen Con and how Bill Willingham turned it into clinic on Mansplaining.

The controversy surrounding the ENnies award.

Daniel finally finishes Daredevil.

The success of the Ant-Man Film

The failure of the Fantastic Four and Pixels

Fanboy News Network Episode 24

Fanboy News Network Episode 24

“San Diego Comic Con 2015”

Jeff and Daniel go over news that came out of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Fanboy News Network Episode 6

Fanboy logoIn this episode

San Diego Comic Con makes changes to how they handle ticket sales.

Casting news about the Ant Man movie gives us a glimpse into the direct the film will be going.

Rumors about the Superman/Batman movie suggest how Warner wants to introduce the larger DC universe to the movie audience.

DC comics announces the return or a lost character.