Fanboy News Network Episode 52

“Caught between a con and a bats day.” This episode was plagued by tech issues, weird sounds, and special spouse appearances. The boys sadly must talk about Cons behaving badly, specifically Odyssey Con Marvel Comic’s problematic relationship to diversity and … Continue reading

Fanboy News Network Episode 22

Fanboy News Network Episode 22 “Jillian Venters Returns” With Daniel out of town Jeff’s sister Jillian Venters of Gothic Charm School returns to the show to act as co-host. Discussed this episode: The running theme of convention staffs behaving badly … Continue reading

The Ultimate Crossover: The Wold Newton Family

 As long as there has been fiction one of the favorite tropes has been the crossover, characters from one set of stories meeting characters from another. Sherlock Holmes matching wits with Count Dracula, Allen Quartermain and Captain Nemo teaming up … Continue reading