Fanboy News Network Podcast Episode 0

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An introductory episode for the new Fanboy News Network podcast.

I introduce myself, give my background in geek culture, and outline my basic goals for the podcast.

This is my first effort so feedback is appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Fanboy News Network Podcast Episode 0

  1. IT WORKS!!

    Just listened to Episode Zero using your embedded HTML Player. Audio Levels were a little low to me; lets find out if this is a common observation. It could be just me. I like to be able to dictate how loud shows are because I have various scenarios I listen in.

    Additionally, I added your Feed to my PocketCasts App on my Android. No problems loading the feed. However, your PodPress Album Art (Mighty Mouse) is what I got for your Feeds Art.

    At any rate, it would seem all the basics are running well! Looking forward to the next episodes!

  2. I liked. I will second the ‘I had to crank it really loud.’
    I am also not completely sold on the underlying music, but it’s not a deal breaker if I were listening to it regularly.

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