State of the site 2013

2ndanniversaryIt’s been 2 years since I started writing Fanboy News Network, and a year since we migrated from BlogSpot to the WordPress site. I figured now would be a good time to take a look at what we are doing and what plans are for the future. I also thought for once I would talk about some other projects I am working on.

Last year I set the goal of posting an article every Saturday. For the most part I have kept to that, with just a few hiccups, and I think that will be the schedule for the foreseeable future. It balances my writing with my work schedule and the rest of my life.

I plan on continuing with the basic format that I have been using, but I want to refine my categories a bit more, as well as set up some article series I want to work on.

  • Article will still be the category for the general articles I write, and be the general catch-all.
  • Review will continue to be used for anything I cover where I use a rating system. More on that below.
  • Geek Capital of the World will still cover any geek culture subjects that are specific to Seattle.
  • Storytime will be any time I cover an event from my past related to geek culture, with emphasis on my time as an employee of Wizards of the Coast, or when I was part of the Camarilla board of directors.
  • Podcast will be used for when I repost podcasts that I am part of. More on Podcast plans below.

But I am adding the following new categories.

  • Horror will be for articles I write covering Universal Horror or related subjects.
  • Web Series will cover the growing field original web content.
  • Geek Icons will be for a new series I will be doing on people who were pioneers or significant figures in geek culture.
  • Conventions will be for articles specifically about geek centric conventions.
  • Industry will be for articles that cover the various businesses that cater to geek culture such as the comic companies or film studios.
  • Site news, for stuff like this.

You should see the new categories now.

Now as for what other projects I have in the pipeline.

I am also working on some writing projects that I hope will develop into something more serious. One is a script for a Horror Host-type show based on a line I wrote in my Horror Host article. The other is a short story that keeps growing longer. As a writer, I find I am drawn to urban fantasy. Right now my big goal here is to have a story ready to submit to next year’s Norwescon writer’s workshop.

I am hosting a monthly writing group to help develop more of these skills.

I am also getting involved with voice acting and amateur audio drama. I’ve been posting episodes of the Hermes and Hekate Roadshow already. If all goes according to plan, I will be voicing a character in the second season.

I am working with Julie Hoverson of 19 Nocturne Boulevard on some projects. She has also offered to teach me how to mix an audio drama. This will help with other projects I have in the works, including getting a Fanboy News Network podcast off the ground.

Finally I wanted to clarify the rating system I am using in reviews. I am using an A-F format, but it was pointed out that I should clarify what each grade means. So here is what I will be using going forward:

A:  Top flight effort that can be enjoyed by anyone. Fans should go through the roof. If it is a movie, viewable multiple times in the theater. Must own the DVD

B: Superior effort. Fans will enjoy it, and non-fans will at least feel it was not a waste of time. If it is a movie would watch once in the theater. Would buy the DVD

C: An average effort. Fans will like it and not feel it was a waste of time. Non-fans may be lukewarm to it. Decent but flawed. If a movie no problem seeing in the theater. Would pass on buying the DVD

D: A disappointing effort. Serious flaws. No one will make any effort to see it again. Most will feel it is a waste of time. If seen in the theater would feel it was a waste of time. Would not buy the DVD

F: A complete waste of time. A project that should not have been made. Would consider asking for my money back at the theater.

So there you have it; where we stand and some hopes for the upcoming year. Thank you for checking us out and I hope you continue to enjoy what you see.

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