Site Update: Schedule Changes


It dawned on me that I need to reassess how I have been allocating my time.

I recently took the time to look at all the projects I am working on right now:


  1. Writing a weekly column for this site.
  2. Producing a weekly podcast.
  3. Developing a comedy audio series.
  4. Voice Acting for various audio dramas.
  5. Helping a friend edit an audio book they are producing.
  6. Improving my studio space for audio recording.

And this is all on top of working a full time job, where we are in the middle of a major project.

Some of the above projects are more time intensive than others. The voice acting isn’t a major drain on my time overall, but usually will eat an entire day when I am needed. The audio book editing is a one off deal that will eventually end.

But I have been seeing signs that I need to readjust some things, as I am missing some weeks on Podcast production, and I often have to rush through my columns to get them to my editor on time. The thing that is getting sacrificed most often is the work on my own audio series, which is the project I really want to get going. But I also don’t really want to drop anything.

So I think I have come up with a compromise that will allow me to keep things going, without causing my work suffer.

There will still be weekly updates every Saturday, but for the time being I will be alternating between columns and podcasts. This will allow me to not have to worry about rushing through writing the columns, and give me more time to prep the podcasts. It should also allow me more time to work on the audio series scripts, in order to have something concert ready for the people I am working with on it.

And, hopefully, I will have some new exciting announcements for you in the near future.

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