A look back at 2013

thY3U8N79ZAnother year has come and gone and, with that in mind, I want to reflect on what 2013 was for me and this site.

A big change this year was getting help in the form of a beta reader/editor. First was my friend Matt Hamer, and when he could no longer do it Stax Blackmoore stepped in. It’s all part of my effort to improve the overall quality of the site and my writing.

Another big change was that, after a couple of years of talking about it, I finally launched the podcast. Like my writing, it is a learning process, but I am happy with how the first five episodes have gone.

In one of those podcasts, I declared Jennifer Lovely to be the official Fanboy News Network horror expert which, at this point, largely means that she will be making semi-regular appearances on the podcast to talk about horror.

I also worked on the audiobook The Hole Behind Midnight, which is currently being released as a podcast. I am linking to the podcast here on this site with a roughly three week delay behind its main site.

Looking at my most popular columns of the year shows me that I should stick with the variety I use now, as the top ten covered several subjects.

And here are those top ten articles.

  1. Another Wonder Woman Pilot
  2. The Fake Nerd Girl Myth
  3. Universal Studios VIP Tour Review
  4. Blackface Cosplay
  5. Horror Review: Shutter
  6. Review: Dracula TV Show
  7. The Truth About Samhain
  8. The Dragon*Con Boycott issue
  9.  Universal Horror: The Wolf Man
  10. Arrow Review

I found my theme months useful as a writing exercise, but the horror review month was definitely better received than the series about the first year of Magic: The Gathering.

One thing that caught me by surprise was that while I was reviewing the list of sites that refer back to his one, I found Wikipedia on the list. It turns out that the Wikipedia article on the web series The Joker Blogs used my review as a cited reference, and even quoted it. Of course that article no longer exists on Wikipedia so it was a brief moment.

And that closes the year, for 2013.

So what do I plan for 2014?

Writing wise, I want to keep up the pace of putting out an article every Saturday. The deadline is good for me and I can only improve by keeping at it.

I also want to keep trying to produce a podcast each week. I have not stabilized on a day yet, although I would like to keep it early in the week.

I want to get more people involved in the site; specifically, I want to get a regular group of contributors to appear on the podcast. As I mentioned earlier, I now have an official horror expert. I am working on arrangements for a comics expert, a film expert, and a convention expert.

I am also in the early stages of developing an audio show, that I am also planning to produce through this site. Whether that sees the light of day in 2014 or 2015 remains to be seen.

I also want to work on updating the site design a bit. I am looking into the best way to do that now.

Finally I would like to find at least one other contributor to produce semi regular content for the site.

How well will all of this work?

Only time will tell.

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