Fanboy News Network Episode 15

                                  Fanboy News Network Episode 15

A Fanboy News Network/Gothic Charm School Guide to Disneyland

Jeff gets together with his sister, Jillian Venters of Gothic Charm Schoo, to talk about Disneyland at a Fandom.

They Discuss:

How Disneyland fandom differs from just visiting.

Their personal Disneyland traditions.

Easter Eggs in the park.

ways to enhance the Disneyland experiences.


Tales of pranks Jeff has pulled on Jillian at the park.


12 thoughts on “Fanboy News Network Episode 15

  1. One of my very first attempts to conquer my fear of total silent blackness was to venture into Injun Joe’s Cave on Tom Sawyer Island all by myself. It was a miracle, because the raft was packed with visitors and the island was crawling with kids.

    Honestly, I still think it’s the scariest place in the whole park.

    I MAY be confusing this with my trips to Disney World. I have been to both.

  2. Have you both been to Disney World? I would love to hear the two of you chat about visiting Disney World.

    • I went to WDW once in 1999, but Jillian was not with me. I don\’t think she has been at all, but I could be mistaken as it is impossible to keep up with all the places she has gone in the last 15 years.

        • Well that gives us ground for a follow up. I realized the next day we never even brought up the Mary Poppins incident.

          • Now THAT sounds like a fun story…. Maybe a whole follow up episode is required?

          • Mary Poppins!!! Ummm…please discuss this!

            Is that too many explanation points;)

          • It\’s Jilli\’s story to tell. Let\’s just say I was not the only one unnerving people on our trip together.

    • I should point out that one of my family’s traditions since childhood was buying begniets and eating them in line while waiting for Pirates, in the dark.

      Nowadays, my husband and I always hit Haunted Mansion as our first and last rides of the trip (and as many in between as we can.)

  3. Thank so much for mentioning Bats Day in the Fun Park. This was a great show and now I know about your podcast. Keep up the great work.

    Noah K
    Founder/Executive Producer
    Bats Day in the Fun Park.

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