Fanboy News Network Podcast Episode 0

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An introductory episode for the new Fanboy News Network podcast.

I introduce myself, give my background in geek culture, and outline my basic goals for the podcast.

This is my first effort so feedback is appreciated.

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The Hole Behind Midnight Episode 4

hole behind midnight cover sketches.inddAnd here is Episode 4 of the Hole Behind Midnight audio book podcast. Book by Clinton J Boomer. Audiobook produced by Julie Hoverson

Don’t you hate it when you come home after being framed for murder and find uninvited guests waiting. Yeah, Royden Poole’s night just keeps kicking him in the nards.

The Hole Behind Midnight is meant for Mature Audiences and contains strong language and adult themes. There we warned you.

You can find the main sight for the podcast here.

And is you are interested in the book, you can find details here.