The Hole Behind Midnight Episode 1

hole behind midnight cover sketches.inddA while ago I mentioned I was working on an audiobook. Well it is now being released as a podcast.  I have received permission from the producer to link to it here. So this is going to be done much like the Hermes and Hekate Roadshow was.

So here is episode one of The Hole Behind Midnight. Book by Clinton J Boomer. Audiobook produced by Julie Hoverson.

Meet Royden Poole. He is having a bad time lately. He lost his girl friend and most people think he is dead. Too bad the police know the truth and need him to do something for them, because they don’t understand this magic BS and he does.

The Hole Behind Midnight is meant for Mature Audiences and contains strong language and adult themes. There we warned you.

You can find the main sight for the podcast here.

And is you are interested in the book, you can find details here.

And just FYI, I don’t show up in the first episode. Don’t worry I’ll show up soon.

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